Birth of Air bearing Cylinder

Our beginning: Low friction Rolling diaphragm cylinder

The Low friction rolling diaphragm cylinder utilizes rubber manufacturing technology which has been our main business domain since its founding over 100 years ago. The silk hat shaped diaphragm built inside the cylinder rolls as the rod extend smoothly by air pressure. Nowadays, when it comes to low friction air cylinder, nothing is better than the rolling diaphragm cylinder.

Rolling Diaphragm Cylinder

Rolling Diaphragm Cylinder

Customer Review

This air cylinder is best suited for pressure control by air. We use it for tension control. Although we use electric actuators for position control, we think this pneumatic type is most convenient for pressure control. Smoothly moving diaphragm cylinders are very easy to use

Release of Air bearing cylinder

Our answer for the demand of further precision control

With the development of the semiconductor and nanotechnology markets and the increasing dema nd for ultra-precision parts, machines and equipment used to process them had to evolve as well. This led us to seek the ultimate low friction cylinder and finally we develop and release the air bear ing cylinder that allows the rod to move without any contact as being lifted by an air film.

Air bearing Cylinder

Air bearing Cylinder

Customer Review

We use this for IC chip bonding machine. Since we want to keep ultra-low pressure at a constant force, we need to use cylinders with very low sliding resistance. Therefore, we use the air bearing cylinder that has no resistance

The age of Precision continues

Semiconductor market is booming due to the development of IOT and smart factories as well as equipment for medical technology that uses nanotechnology to a higher level and the demand for precision machining is increasing too.

Air bearing cylinder
Control micro loadsControl micro loadsControl micro loads
Optimum loads applied to the work pieces at high accuracyOptimum loads applied to the work pieces at high accuracyOptimum loads applied to the work pieces at high accuracy
No wear & High ResponsivenessNo wear & High ResponsivenessNo wear & High Responsiveness
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Air bearing cylinders realize high precision optimum load control because of zero slide resistance. When they come to with our air regulator “RS-M/S” series, the resolution of Air bearing cylinder “ACS-10-16 Pressure-receiving area 78.5mm2 ” is 0.00785N 0.8g


Fujikura cylinders offer
the most superior Hysteresis characteristics


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Potential Applications



Operating Style Single action (Push) / Double action
Cylinder Diameter (mm[in.]) 10 〜 100 [0.39 〜 3.93]
Stroke (mm[in.]) 20 〜 160 [0.79 〜 6.30]
FluidWorking Clean compressed air (No lubricator required)
Working Pressure Range (MPa[psi]) 0.01〜0.6 (※1)[1.5〜87.0]
Working Temperature (℃[゚F]) 0〜60 [32〜140]
Bearing type Sintered Metal

※1 The supply pressure to the air bearing should be at least +50kPa[7.25] than working pressure.

※2 Customization Available

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