Fujikura Composite Co,Ltd.

About Us

Our corporate group comprises FUJIKURA COMPOSITES, 16 subsidiary companies, 1 affiliate company, and 1 other partner company. We aim to do more than just increase sales or grow our business. Our focus is on having the group act as one, and maintaining our customer-centric management philosophy. That's why we value technological development, creation in all aspects of our corporate activities, and active communication. We pride ourselves on making well-timed suggestions to our customers and continuing to offer original products that are aligned with emerging demand.

3.8429 billion yen
2,444 (group), 575 (parent company) (as of end March 2018)
We are active in a wide range of business areas in addition to production of industrial rubber components. For example, we manufacture and sell industrial materials, such as pneumatic controllers, anti-vibration mounts, and peripherals; printing materials; electrical and electronic equipment; rescue and life-saving equipment; and carbon shafts for golf clubs.

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