Fujikura Composite Inc.


Starting with production technology of rubber-coated fabric, we have captured the emerging demand over the years and developed number of new products in related areas.

The company was established in 1901 as Fujikura Electric Wire & Rubber Co., Ltd., by its first president, Tomekichi Matsumoto, at the behest of Zenpachi Fujikura. Zenpachi Fujikura's nephew, Kenzo Okada, went to the United States in 1896 and returned to Japan after obtaining the manufacturing method for rubber-coated waterproof cloth. He started the first rubber-coated cloth factory in Japan.

Our technique since the establis huent is handed down to many products that are distributed in today's market such as industrial rubber products and electric insulating materials, and has contributed greatly to social development for more than a century.

1901 Oct.
"Fujikura Electric Wire Rubber & Co., Ltd." was established and began producing mackintosh rubberized fabric.
1910 Mar.
Separating of the electric wire and rubber sectors, established Fujikura General Partnership Company Waterproofing Cloth Manufacturing Co.
1917 Jun.
Gotanda Plant was built in Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
1920 Apr.
The company has been reorganized into a joint-stock company and established Fujikura Industrial Co., Ltd. They will be involved in the manufacture of soft airships, parachutes and aero plane tires.
1948 Oct.
Changed company name to: Fujikura Rubber Ltd.
1949 May.
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1949 Dec.
Began production and sales of Automobile tire tube.
1952 Nov.
Began production of the Caravan light hiking boots.
1953 Feb.
Established Toei Transport Co., Ltd. (currently a consolidated subsidiary)
1955 Jun.
Began production and sales of Life raft and life jackets.
1959 Apr.
Osaka branch office opened.
1962 Jan.
"Omiya Plant" was built in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture.
1969 Apr.
"Haramachi Plant" was built in Haramachi, Fukushima Prefecture.
1971 Sep.
"Iwatsuki Plant" was built in Iwatsuki, Saitama Prefecture.
1972 Oct.
Katsuda Branch Office opened in Katsuta City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
1973 Nov.
A vertical descent type boarding device (shooter) was developed in accordance with the enlargement of the ship.
1974 May.
Began sales of Golf Carbon Shaft “Flyrun” (first original brand).
1985 Jun.
Established Toei Industries Co., Ltd. (currently Consolidated)
1991 Apr.
Established Caravan Co.,LTD. (currently consolidated subsidiaries)
1994 Apr.
Established Fujikura Composite America, Inc. (currently a consolidated subsidiary) in Vista City, California, United States.
1996 Apr.
Hangzhou Fujikura Rubber Co., Ltd. is established in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.
1996 May.
Sporting Goods Division Moved to Setagaya Ward, Tokyo.
Golf carbon shaft “Fit on 11 SPEEDER” was released. It was the pioneer of the Speeder series.
2000 Nov.
Opening of Nagoya Business Office.
2002 Sep.
Founding FUJIKURA COMPOSITES HAIPHONG,INC. in Hai Phong City, Vietnam
2006 May.
"IER Fujikura, Inc." in OHIO, USA became a subsidiary (currently a consolidated subsidiary).
2009 Jul.
2010 Nov.
Odaka Plant was built in Minami-Soma, Fukushima Prefecture.
2011 Jan.
Engineering center opened in Iwatsuki Plant.
2011 Feb.
Anji Fujikura Rubber Co., Ltd. was established in Anji Economic Development Country, Zhejiang Province, China
2011 Mar.
The Great East Japan Earthquake has severely damaged plants in Haramachi and Odaka. Closure of Odaka Factory.
2011 Sep.
The head office and sports equipment sales department are moved to Koto Ward, Tokyo.
2012 Mar.
Established Fujikura Composites Korea, Co.,Ltd. in Seoul, South Korea
2012 Apr.
The Kazo plant was established in Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture as an alternative to Odaka plant.
2015 May.
FUJIKURA GRAPHICS,INC. moves to New Jersey, United States
2016 Sep.
Began sales of Emergency Magnesium Air Battery utilizing experience as a disaster-struck company.
2017 Apr.
Inspection Building was established in FUJIKURA COMPOSITES HAIPHONG,INC.
2018 Mar.
Dalian office of Anji Fujikura Rubber Co., Ltd. opened in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China.
2019 Apr.
Change company name to : FUJIKURA COMPOSITES Inc.
2020 Apr.
Amalgamated Toei Industrial Co., Ltd. (consolidated subsidiaries)