Fujikura Composite Inc.

Message from top management

What is our customer’s NEEDS? What kind of information and technology can we offer?

Kenji Morita Representative Director and President, Fujikura Rubber Since our company was founded in 1901 Fujikura has endeavoured to remain at the leading edge of progress. That’s one hundred and fifteen years keeping apace of technology and innovations. We are deeply grateful to our customers, whose continued patronage sustains our business to this day.
Throughout our long history, we continually cultivated adaptability. And, now we strive to carry this proud tradition into the next century. Seeking out new ideas, moving beyond our current range of rubber products to respond to new requirements, and supplying products to new markets will allow us to shape and expand our future. Responding to customer requirements has been, and continues to be, the cornerstone of our business practice. Seizing opportunities created by changes in society, we, like those who came before us, continue to build on our legacy and improve our company through steadfast efforts and diligent research.
To celebrate our 100th anniversary we adopted a new corporate identity, Fujikura Composites. "Composites" makes it clear that our product areas are not limited to rubber. In promoting this brand, we intend to make our value clear and quickly increase our global presence. Our goal is to share information with our customers; thereby, increasing each other’s value. At the same time, we shall continue to supply the market with high-quality, easy-to-use products that fulfill our social responsibilities.
Technological expertise, creativity, and proactive communication are the foundation of our corporate philosophy. By providing products that embody the full range of our technological prowess, we aspire to further accelerate improvements in the quality of life globally. Cultivating seeds of creativity, cooperatively, into fully-fledged products and approaches, fostering understanding and the exchange of information, within the company and with our customers, is integral to our vision. Therefore, lively and active two-way communication is encouraged in order to facilitate productive dialogue. Embodying our corporate philosophy will contribute to a sense of security in society and positively impact quality of life.
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