Fujikura Composite Inc.

Corporate Philosolphy Corporate Philosolphy

In 21st century, FUJIKURA COMPOSITES continues to create products that contribute to the quality and security of our everyday lives.
What do our customers really want? What technology offerings resonate with them? Our company started out producing rubber-coated cloth at the end of the Meiji Period (1868–1912). Constantly keeping these questions in mind has led us to develop a much wider range of products.
We then developed distinctive technologies and wide-ranging operational expertise gained through adapting to social changes and celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2001.
Now, looking forward to the next century, our goal is to develop and market products that contribute to a sense of security in society and improve quality of life. In 2002, we began using the name FUJIKURA COMPOSITES, which highlights our composite technologies. We also inherited an organization that sustains originality across the business and uses shared management resources to ensure responsiveness. These two advantages enable us to deliver even greater customer satisfaction.

Corporate Philosophy

ー Corporate Philosophy

We value technology, creation, proactive communication and support positive contribution for the betterment of society.

Business Philosophy

− Business Philosophy

We will introduce new design possibilities, as well as compound and processing technologies to provide high functioning products and enhance the technical strength for all our partners.

Quality Policy

ー Quality Policy

Stay customer-focused and ensure product safety by making quality our number one priority. We will offer top-quality products, and contribute to society. Our goal is to provide products that satisfy the customers every time.

What makes us Different

ー What makes us Different

To provide an environment open to new and innovative ideas and support their implementation. To continuously create and find new opportunities for growth in our strategic area throughout our global locations.