Fujikura Composite Inc.

Approach to CSR

Approach to CSR

We maintain a comfortable work environment designed to enable our employees to develop their full potential while achieving work-life balance. We also engage in activities to nurture the next generation and contribute to our local community.


Three years from April 1, 2016, to March 31, 2019


Goal 1:Change policy on reduced working hours for childcare so that it applies to those with children until they begin elementary school.
Actions: ・Investigate practices in other companies in the industry, and hold talks with the labor union.
Goal 2:Set up a system for absences for childcare or caregiver leave.
Actions: ・Promote use of nonconsecutive absences for caregivers.
・Make it possible to take a half-day of leave when caring for children.
Goal 3:Use of 50% of annual paid vacation, and each employee to take 5 days or more of annual paid vacation on average annually.
Actions: ・Grasp the current status of use of annual paid vacation.
・Implement educational campaign through internal publications.
Goal 4:Provide tours of the factory for local schools, and offer opportunities for work experience (internships).
Actions: ・Allow local schools to tour the factory, by application, every year.
・Create an internship system, and take on students every year.

3.CSR Report