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Research and development

Research and development

Emergency Magnesium Air Cell

Guaranteed Power When You Need It Most

This battery uses the common element magnesium as an electrode.
It does not react without salt water added as an electrolyte, so it can be stored for extended periods.

Emergency Magnesium Air Cell(WattSatt)

What is a Emergency
Magnesium Air Battery?

What is a Emergency Magnesium Air Battery?

Special Features of WattSatt
Simple and convenient!
Prepare the salt water solution by mixing the supplied salt with water inside the battery case. The battery starts generating power as soon as you add the salt water. You need 2.1 quarts of water.

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Can charge 5 smartphones simultaneously!
Use for quick charging of multiple smartphones.
The battery also charges tablets.
High capacity!

Large capacity!

One battery can fully charge 30 smartphones.
The battery can charge 45 smartphones to about 60% in one hour.
Other Devices

Use of other equipment

Any USB device can connect to the battery.
The battery has five USB ports, so you could also use an LED light as you charge smartphones.
Introducing WattSatt as a video