Fujikura Composite Inc.

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Fujikura graphics is the best solution partner for printing companies.

Offset printing is the industrial products composed of various elements,
but blanket can solve some troubles. If you may have any difficulties at your press room,
please, feel free to contact with Fujikura Graphics.
Well experienced team members will be happy to propose
the best blanket to match your press room environment.

  • 01
    Application / Inquiry

    Do you have any difficulties during the printing?Offset printing always has various problems like poor ink transfer, shorter durability, and reducing the budget for consumables. Well experienced team members will visit your press room to support solving the problems. Please feel free to contact with us by phone, fax or e-mail.


  • 02
    Proposal / Quotation

    Please advise your existing printing environment first.
    Offset printing is composed by various environments with printing press, PS Plate, ink, fountain solution, solvent, papers and so on. Fujikura Graphics has produced blanket for long time, will propose you the best product which will match your needs.

  • 03
    Printing test

    We understand it is very difficult to realize the actual performance about the blanket. We will provide test products with the special discount to customers evaluate Fujikura Blanket at the first time.
    Try Fujikura Blanket and feel the difference. Our Team members will attend the printing test too upon request.

  • 04
    Order / Delivery

    Fujikura Graphics shall arrange the delivery immediately upon receipt of orders.

    We keep the roll product at each stock point and arrange to ship out at the next day of order!

  • 05
    After sales service

    We believe offset printing always has several troublesIf you may feel any troubles during the printing, please feel free to contact with team members.
    We shall propose the best blanket after learning the actual troubles.