Fujikura Composite Inc.

─ 7 reasons why people choose ─REASON

Over 60 years of history.
Fujikura Graphics has produced high quality blanket for such a long years.

Here we have reasons why printing company from Japan to worldwide
have selected us by its extensive experience and technology.
Please check the following 7 reasons.

  • 01
  • Fujikura graphics will never keep you waiting. We will arrange the delivery on the next working day after the order from our stock point.
  • Do you have any troubles at your press rooms?
    Offset printing involves various composite factors. Our team members will directly visit your press room to propose best blanket to improve the troubles.
    In some case it may be difficult to solve various troubles only with blanket, but we definitely help your troubles with experience and expertise.
  • 02
  • 03
    Most advanced technology
    development in the industry
  • We have produced vulcanized coated fabric for more than 110 years and we are confident of long year record and manufacturing know-how.
    Fujikura Rubber Ltd has other division produce several rubber product which is used in different application like automotive part, water supply equipment, and gas equipment.
    That expertise is great help to develop unique surface rubber components no one follow.
  • Fujikura Graphics produce blanket stably by long term vulcanized coated fabric production. More than 2m width product can have stable accuracy of thickness.
    Especially for newspaper blanket produce at the thickness tolerance of ±0.01㎜.
  • 04
    Distinctive process
  • 05
  • Fujikura Blanket is used not only in Japan but also all over the world.
    We established sales office in US in 2005, The Netherlands in 2007, China in 2008, and India in 2016.
    Through the sale network we supply the blanket made in Japan to worldwide.
  • Fujikura Graphics acquired ISO9001, international standard of quality management system, in 1998. Based on this standard we combined production, quality control and business process in order to keep producing and sourcing products of stable quality.
  • 06
    Proper Quality
  • 07
    Activities of
    environmental protection
  • Fujikura Graphics acquired ISO14001, international standard of environment management system in 2001.
    We make all effort to protect environment as a rubber processing and producing maker.
    We invested new solvent recycle equipment in 2017 to make 0 usage of new organic solvent.
    In order to achieve sustainable blanket production, we will prioritize environment protection in investment from here on out.